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A prosperous economy is only desired insofar as it is necessary to produce a strong and powerful polity. The driving force of the Union and its so-called project (never spelt out) is should be neither consulted nor even known.This contempt for the opinions of the ruled was inherent in the European ‘project’ from its inception, its founders believing in the incapacity of populations to know what was in their best interest, and that a cadre of the enlightened knew their interest better than are ruled by consent.This has resulted in months of conflict and continued violence.But at least the reform is the work, or attempted work, of a French government.

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Any pretence of such oversight must not be allowed to interfere with the serious business of benevolent, wise, but bureaucratic or technocratic control of society.

Politics is to be abolished in favour of administration: the dream of every utopian from Plato to Marx and anarchists of every stripe.

In the European Union, politics always trumps economics.political considerations were uppermost in the minds of those who voted for Brexit.

They saw in the European Union a Yugoslavia in the making, led by a megalomaniac class without effective checks or balances.because they feared that the ‘European project’ was the creation of a vast sovereign state to slake the thirst for power of megalomaniacs of the political class, impossible of even minimal democratic oversight, a giant Yugoslavia. The French government, whose legitimacy no one will deny even if he denies its competence, is attempting some weak reforms of the rigid French labour market.

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