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The clever, hopeful, and seriously funny remarks were packed with pearls of wisdom: “No good can ever come from tweeting at 3 a.m.” and “No matter what sex you are, or race, be a feminist.”When Mirren was a child, open political discussion was encouraged in her household.Her father, a Russian-born musician turned taxi driver, took part in demonstrations against fascists in 1936.For a woman who has played a queen multiple times in her five-decade career, she possesses the unique quality of appearing both royal and edgy.

A guy at the front desk, a lanky twentysomething who looks like his other business card says “Williamsburg barber,” is helping me track down the events staffer I’m supposed to meet.“What are you here for?

After a few panicked text messages, I realize I’m at the wrong Standard and race across town in an Uber, making it, miraculously, only a few minutes late.

I enter the correct Standard Hotel, in the East Village, and almost instantly spot Mirren’s silvery blonde hair at reception.

” I look around and whisper, “I’m here to interview...

In just two minutes, the mere mention of Dame Helen Mirren, the 72-year-old badass and Oscar-winning feminist icon, has reduced this man to mush.

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