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I light incense, watch the drifts of smoke literally pour out the windows as the air pressure shifts, feel the energy clear out. In retrospect, I'm increasingly aware of the times when, while I'm trying to meet my own needs, I'm actually just acting as a catalyst for someone else's needs. The times when, despite the fact that I want to take it personally because something didn't go my way, it's actually ZERO PERCENT about me and ALL someone else's path.I'd kept both bedroom doors closed through the entire evening, so I leave those rooms alone. I'm hiding in the warm bedroom with the door closed, letting the rest of the house clear out. I'm just a bit player in someone else's matinee.

Little do they know.” ― Jayne Higgins, tags: amazing-book, bastard, beach-read, betrayal, dating-scams, debut-novel, fantastic-book, funny, girlfriends, great-read, great-reads-for-women-over-40, happy-ending, heartache, heartbreak, hilarious, husband, love, love-story, love-that-book, lovers, must-have-read, online-dating, perfect-holiday-read, scams, twists, unputdownable, women, writer “In 2011, Mark Brooks, a consultant to online-dating companies, published the results of an industry survey titled “How Has Internet Dating Changed Society? He was a hot guy who works in the arts, educated, successful, good looking (dimples! So if he wants to hang out again, knowing that it's not romantic or sexual, I'm down. I invited him over to my house, and asked him if he could come in a trusting state. The skin is brown and tubular and fucking disgusting. Without chemistry, however, it's kind of a non-issue.) I clarify carefully that the STIs are no big deal ("I intuited," I say), and the real issue is that the chemistry definitely was not point on for me, but that he seems cool. Anyone who's been to a Korean Spa knows how this goes: if you've soaked long enough, the dead skin rolls off you like earth worms.I'm not as thorough as the ladies at my local Korean spa (holla to the hard workers at Olympus Spa!), but whatever: we get off a lot of dead skin, and (I think, but I'm weird) emotional residue. I get out of the shower, towel off and put my clothes on.

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