Dating site hacked news

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Reworking and rebuilding a relationship after infidelity isn't easy, but neither is divorce.

Although evidence of a cheating spouse would have been more useful in a previous era of family law, it is far easier to get such evidence today with the rise of the internet and social media, and so such evidence continues appearing in divorce cases.Check this page for new updates on what is shaping up to be one messiest data breaches of all time and let us know in the comments if anything is missing.July 12, 2015: Avid Life Media (Ashley Madison's parent firm) employees log in to find a message from Impact Team threatening to release company and customer data unless the Ashley Madison and Established Men websites are shut down.Impact Team's ransom message is accompanied by the AC/DC song "Thunderstruck."July 19, 2015: Impact Team publishes their warning message on Pastebin, this time setting a 30 day window for Avid Life Media to shut down the sites before the information is released.The warning is followed by an article from security journalist Brian Krebs announcing the Ashley Madison data breach.

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